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We know how to serve merchants and how to quickly deliver funds while meeting the highest operating standards for our investors. Our team of over 20 professionals are former bankers, compliance officers, accountants and small business owners. We come from American Express, BankCard Funding, BizFi, Capify, Credit Suisse, Oquity Funding, Capital One, Chase, Amalgamated Bank and more.

Our executive leadership team has successfully navigated numerous economic cycles and is committed to helping small businesses grow. CEO Christine Chang handles all strategic aspects of 6th Avenue Capital. She has over 20 years experience in institutional asset management and alternative lending. President Darren Schulman is responsible for strategy and operations, including originations, underwriting, collections and back-office systems. He has over 30 years experience in financial services at banks and alternative lenders.

Secure and Equitable Access to Working Capital

6th Avenue Capital provides fast, secure and equitable access to working capital for small to mid-sized businesses. 6th Avenue Capital is a New-York based financial services firm providing short term funding up to 12 months, a data driven underwriting process, fast access to capital (within 24 – 48 hours), and variable payment options (daily, weekly, and twice weekly) for SMBs up to $500,000. The company employs a unique blend of industry experts and is committed to the highest operating standards, including high touch servicing and a policy of direct access to underwriters.

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